Ten creative LED lamps
Time: 2016-09-06 11:26:49

Zhaoyang(Doulux) now is specialized in G4LED,G9LED and car bulbs.At the future we may launch the new style creative LED.

Some modeling rather special LED lighting fixtures that can help people create their own home glory extraordinary feeling. Using some creative lighting fixtures family dress has become a fashion. The most innovative LED lighting design what are, go look:

1. Unlike traditional LED chandelier luxury complex, this LED chandelier lighting is truly avant-garde art design. No details of wordy trivial to simple lines showing light texture. Bright compact design can illuminate large areas, more unusual is LED chandelier itself is a unique ornament, charismatic personality shine rendering.

2. metallic hard, revealing clean water, elegant quality, the West Nordic refreshing simplicity back to your home. Create home culture, and guide lighting trend! For you decorate "simple, stylish, personalized" modern life.

3. The relatively light at first glance like two birds, unique. Lighting hanging wire can be adjusted.

4. This is a personalized soap stylish glass ceiling lamp, with a transparent bubble lamp enveloped them make this seemingly simple idea has become chic lighting up.

5. This light made of high quality metal, cartoon images vivid colors make lamps childlike. High temperature polished glass, bright through Ze, soft lighting and warm.

6. wagon styling with pink decorative lighting, chic warm, I believe this fixture will make little girls love at first sight.

7. The Beatles cute lamps with the beautiful countryside flavor to the interior, so that the child´s room is full of vitality, red glass body to show the child´s lively.

8. absorbance lamp this "extinction lamp" is actually a solar lamp. The bottom-up as a pot plant, place it in the sun automatically stored energy.

9. This is a simple desk lamp, the shape is a cute dog. When you touch this "dog light" head lights will light up, and there are three different brightness can be adjusted.

10. If you are afraid of being blown off the lamp, then (of course, this is unlikely), then take a look at this "mushroom table lamp." This table lamp lights look unique and elegant outside but also added a mushroom.