New LED lights power outage can be illuminated three hours: automatic switching battery-powered
Time: 2016-09-06 11:27:12

Many local power shortage, frequent power outages. But Welsh Litonics limited liability company manufactured bulbs provide light during power outages for people. It´s called iViTi On, there is a maximum three hours to make it luminous internal battery. When there is electricity, battery charging, and normal light bulbs. When a power outage, the lamp automatically switches to battery mode. The company´s website says: "iViTi On automatically converted only one purpose, which is to ensure that users will not be in the dark during a power outage."

iViTi On distinguishable someone turn off the power switch and power outages, so people can iViTi On switch off as needed. It can be installed into an ordinary light bulb, but without attachment to any line. Its luminous brightness equivalent to an ordinary 60-watt bulb, but it is just 8 watts of power. Photo shows a cross-sectional view of the internal battery.
Before the power outage, automatically switches to battery mode, use of the product is similar to the existing light bulb. This means that it can be independently illuminated in the longest three hours before power is restored. In addition, it was possible to distinguish a power outage, and turn off the power switch, so that it may be necessary to switch off iViTi On.

When the battery 600 mA power automatically when charging, and normal light bulbs. No need to add the line, this battery can be installed directly into the existing ordinary bulb. At the same time, it is very environmentally friendly, consumes only 8 watts of power, but its brightness is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb. The new LED lamp lumen value is 850, which is only 800.