G4LED triac dimmable--New technology.
Time: 2017-02-20 11:18:08
Dimmable function is a trend of LED bulbs.Consequently,G4LED and G9LED is also struggle to be dimmable. 2 common methods of dimmable is PWM and Triac. PWM dimmer control is more puluar than the triac in the current market of G4G9LED series.As for G4LED,it's rare on triac dimmer control technology because G4LED is small on size and adapt to low voltage.

This moment,Doulux have launched brand new traic dimmable bulbs are compatible with electronic transformer,G9-3W-B-D.The max lumen is 270lm with dimmer range from 15%-100%.Made of aluminum,with special design of appearance,this G4LED bulbs can replace 20W halogen bulbs.It's an opportunity to seize market share because of the specialty of triac dimmable G4.

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