No fliker G4LED and G9LED
Time: 2017-02-25 08:53:07
LED illumination is widely used in every fields.We can see varies of LED bulbs and touch the conveniences it comes when we are at home,factory or store.

But it's not safe enough when we used LED bulbs especially in housing illumination.LED fliker damages our eyes intangibly.However,it did not attract our

attention.No-fliker bulbs is more popular in current market.But,is it possible to manufacture a no fliker bulbs and do not degrade its performance?

How to discover whether the LED bulbs is fliker or not?

Using your camera to focus on the light source(bulbs).If the wave light arised on your screen,that's a fliker bulbs.Using smart phone is also available.

How to eliminate fliker?

Increasing the frequency of the discharging and shining power of driver electric light source.

To use LED bulbs safely and efficiently,No-fliker bulbs is a trend of LED.

Doulux is also developing G4LED and G9LED No-fliker bulbs.We will launch it recently.Excepting!