The advantage of LED bulbs
Time: 2017-02-27 16:23:34
Doulux are professional of G4LED and G9LED bulbs.
LED bulbs are widely used now in illumination.Below is some of its advantage:
1.It's environmental and pollution-free.

Steam of mercury are used in traditional bulbs,which would be volatilized in the air when broke.But LED bulbs will protect environment because it do not use mercury and lead.LED day light are marked as green illumination in 21st century.

2.Higher efficiency tansforming,less fever.

Traditional bulbs will emitt lots of heat while LED bulbs transform all of power into lighting without waste.

3.Quiet without noise.

LED is the best choice of the occasion used accurate equiment because it do not produce any noisy.It's adequate in library and office.

4.Soft light do not damgage our eyes.

100-120 times/second arised because traditional bulbs use alternating current.LED bulbs transform alternating current into direct current,which are not flickering and do not damage our eyes.

5.Not ultraviolet rays,not mosquitoes.

Not ultraviolet rays produce when use LED bulbs.Consequently,not mosquitoes fly around the light soure.It looks cleaner in the room.

6.Wide voltage from 80V-265V

Traditional bulbs stop working in the low voltage because it lights with high voltage released by rectifier.LED bulbs lights in a definite voltage range.Some of LED bulbs are dimmable.


The consume of LED is nearly one third of traditonal bulbs.However,it have longevity ten times longer than traditional bulbs.LED bulbs are used in a longtime and not need to change,which will lower the cost of manual work.


LED bulbs used epoxy resin is solider than glass,which are safely used even if it was fell on the floor.