How to choose LED bulbs?
Time: 2017-03-01 16:30:35
LED is widely used by consumers as a enviromental and energy-saving products.But most of consumers lack of acknowledge terminology of LED.How to choose LED bulbs?
Initially we need to know the value of LED bulbs.The advantages of LED bulbs is power-saving,logevous,colurful and fashional.

As a view of cost,price of LED bulbs is 3-10 times more expensive than tradtional bulbs'.Using LED bulbs over 6 hours a day is economic because it would save the cost of another bulbs in one year.Howerver,it seems that making no sense when use LED bulbs 2-3 hours or below a day.


Certainly money is not pursuit of everyone.As I mentioned,LED bulbs as a fashion is another attitude of life.


We need to take more consideration of quality when buying LED bulbs.Quality of domestic LED bulbs are different because there isn't a standard of LED quality.Some of cheap bulbs are used bad quality chip in 0.5W-0.7W as 1W.Manufacturers increased the output electric current of driving power,which will strictly weaken the light effiency.

4.After-sale service.

It's neccessary to inquire how long is the warranty of bulbs.Some of bulbs in bad quality only guarantee them for 1 year as long as traditional bulbs but higher price.Comparing with more another supplier when buying bulbs when buying LED bulbs.We should pay more attention in same items but different price and warranty.Regarding after-sale service,we need to negotiate in priority to protect our interest.

Choose a adequate bulbs we need to see this below:

LED bulbs are made of aluminum shell,driving power and led light source.

1.Aluminum body.
All the illumination products will generate heat when lighting especially LED bulbs,which makes effet on the logevity of bulbs if the heat isn't dissipated.Aluminum body play a important role in heat dissipation.The purity of aluminum is initial.We can choose the bulbs with smooth and clean aluminum shell.Meanwhile,we should notice if the thickness and the surface area of heat sinks is big enough.

2.Driving power.
Driving power is the engine of LED bulbs.We can inquire to supplier the parameters of driving power,such as,voltage,electric current,power factor and working temperature.

3.Light source.
Now there are various of brands of light source,such as Cree,Epistar and Sanan.Pure gold wire light source is better than alloy wire's.Inquiring the lumen,color temperature,size and power of chip to confirm whether it's adequate or not.

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